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I Remember


         A Christmas Classic in the making! Were you there in the stable that night? Go back in time with “I Remember” and bring the Christmas story personally alive!


I remember, I remember
That time long ago when I first loved You so
I remember …Oh, I remember.

I remember, I remember
A poor shepherd man in a far away land
I remember.

I remember a cold desert night
And that glorious light
I remember.


I remember the wondrous sound
Of angels all ‘round…I remember.

I remember the cave on the hill
And the creatures so still …I remember.

I remember the warmth and the light
In the stable that night…Oh, I remember.


I remember, I remember
The Mother’s sweet smile
As She looked at her Child…I remember.

I remember those kind gentle eyes
Of him by her side… I remember.

I remember the grace from Your eyes
As I entered inside,
And the joy that I felt
As beside You I knelt
Oh, Lord, I remember.


I remember the night was so sweet
And I touched your Holy Feet
Oh, I remember.

I remember You looked upon me
And I looked upon Thee
Lord, I remember.

I remember, I remember
The Love in Your gaze
And the promise You gave
Yes, Lord, I remember.


I remember Your love became mine
to keep throughout time
Oh, Lord, I remember. Oh, I remember.

That night was the start
Of Your home in my heart
Yes, Lord, I remember,
I remember.

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